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Our 2016 Seminar Schedule has Completed

APERS will announce its schedule for 2017 sometime after the first of the year. We'll look forward to seeing you then..

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The Counseling Staff of APERS will be presenting seminars for interested members during calendar year 2017. These programs will provide basic retirement information to include, but not be limited to, eligibility for membership, reciprocity, service credit, purchases of various types of service, vesting, benefits, benefit options, DROP and PAW plans, and filing deadlines. Use the form below to register for the seminar of your choice.

Attending a retirement seminar is very important. As a member, you learn about your retirement system and the laws that govern it. You also learn what it takes to make you eligible for a benefit as well as what options you have as you approach retirement.

If you have any questions regarding these seminars, please contact our Member Services section at 501-682-7800 or toll free outside Pulaski County at 800-682-7377.