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Most APERS members don’t really know much about the agency that manages their retirement system. The following article will briefly describe our agency and how it is arranged to serve you. We’ll focus on the four sections of APERS that are directly involved in the stages of a member’s progress through the system from beginning to end. These sections are Member Records, Administrative Services, Member Services, and Retiree Services.

Your APERS membership began in our Member Records Section when your first APERS-covered employer submitted the enrollment form they used to create your member file at APERS. Member Records is responsible for recording any changes in your basic contact, employment, and membership information. If you leave covered employment and want a refund of your employee contributions, Member Records will process your request.

Our Administrative Services Section tracks your contributions and service credit as an active member. Working with your employer, Administrative Services processes monthly reports, credits your account, and updates your running total of earnings and service.

The Member Services Section provides information about membership in the System. General information can be obtained by telephone and more detailed information can be provided in writing to members who submit a written request. As you near retirement, Member Services can prepare an estimate for you to assist you in planning for your retirement. Member Services is also available to meet with you in person by calling and scheduling an appointment. They also host numerous educational seminars in Little Rock and across the state. For upcoming dates and locations please check our website.

Once you have applied for retirement, the Retiree Services Section takes over. They will process your retirement application, calculate your annuity, and oversee the distribution of your payments. Retiree Services will notify you of any changes to your annuity payments with semi-annual benefit stubs and provide you with the annual 1099-R statement you’ll need for your tax returns.

Our Information Technology (IT) Section provides the technology we need to serve you, overseeing the complex hardware and software systems needed to manage the records of 75,000 plus members, active and retired.

APERS's Human Resources (HR) Section manages our personnel and operations.

The Communications Section helps keep you informed and in touch via our website, handbooks, newsletters, and other media.

Our board of trustees and executive management set our policies and procedures and keep the whole operation running smoothly and in accordance with Arkansas law.

All together, we are your retirement system -- grateful and proud to be serving the public employees of Arkansas.

(originally published in APERS Active Newsletter Winter 2014)



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