Who needs an appointment?

An office visit is not required to apply for retirement benefits or DROP enrollment. It is possible to submit a completed application for retirement and for DROP enrollment through the U. S. Mail.

Members wishing to meet with an APERS counselor should call APERS at (501) 682-7800 (or toll free 800-682-7377) for an appointment. It is possible to receive a letter with an estimate of the benefit you will draw at retirement on a written request to our office.

Members who are within 3 to 6 months of their anticipated retirement date may want an appointment, if:

  • They have never received an estimate of benefits and would like to discuss that estimate with a counselor.
  • They have received a letter with an estimate and would like an explanation of the letter.
  • They disagree with the length of service reported in employer and/or APERS service records.

If a member plans to purchase military or National Guard service before retirement, he or she should mail a copy of the DD-214, NGB-22, or other appropriate discharge document and receive a cost to purchase the service credit BEFORE making an appointment to visit with an APERS counselor.

What to bring to an appointment? 

Members should bring a copy of their own birth certificate and their spouse’s birth certificate with them to an appointment with an APERS counselor.

Members should also bring the name, mailing address, and date of birth for a designated beneficiary for DROP enrollment, service purchases and employee contributions.

We will also need a voided check or deposit slip to set up direct deposit of your monthly retirement benefit to your checking or savings account.

If the member has a different spouse than at the time of APERS enrollment, we will need the spouse’s name, date of birth and Social Security number along with a copy of the marriage license for the current marriage.

When you call for an appointment, we must have an anticipated date of retirement to compute a benefit estimate. However, the date that you give for estimate purposes is not binding.

Printable copies of our retirement application packet and our and DROP enrollment application can be found on our Member Portal or by contacting APERS. These forms can be downloaded, completed and brought to the appointment or mailed to our office.

What to expect? 

Please be aware that APERS validates valet parking for members coming for appointments with APERS counselors. The parking deck is attached to our building off Louisiana Street at Capitol Avenue.

During a visit, an APERS counselor will answer any questions you have about your APERS retirement benefits and explain what your benefit will be at retirement. We will also verify that we have the correct information on file.

Please be aware that APERS counselors are only prepared to discuss your APERS retirement benefits and provide an estimate of your gross retirement benefits. We do not advise you on tax questions, insurance information, or retirement/estate planning issues. These questions should be referred to appropriate professionals.

If you have service in another (state-sponsored or private) retirement plan, you will have to contact that plan’s representative directly for information about those benefits.

If you bring military discharge documents or other completed purchase forms to the appointment, we will mail a cost to purchase service after the visit.

We do not need members to bring in payroll records—in most cases, we already have the needed information in your APERS records

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