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Change of Address
Change A-Option Beneficiary Form
Direct Deposit Form
DROP Beneficiary Form

Survivor Benefits & Benefit Related Changes
Application for Survivor Benefits
Benefit Option Changes

Retiree Information Requests
Verification of Benefits Request
Verification of Dependent Status
Authorization for Duplicate 1099-R


AR4P State Tax Withholding Form* (required to change state withholding rate - see note at bottom)
W-4P Federal Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments (required to change federal withholding rate)
----- Optional information -----
IRS Withholding calculator (on IRS site)
IRS Employer Guide (with withholding tables)

Verification of Wages/Termination
QDRO Language Model
Note: The downloadable AR4P state withholding form is a "fillable" PDF file, which will allow you to type in your information before printing. However, line 3 -- Total Allowances -- will already be set to zero when you start. This is not an error. This number will automatically update as you enter your specific allowances in lines 1 and 2.