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Upcoming Events in 2017 - 01/03/2017
(Source: APERS general information)

Happy 2017! Before we get too far into the new year, we thought we would take a moment and look back at the history of APERS. AS this time while our legislation is in session, we will specifically look at some of the critical legislation that has shaped APERS over the last 60 years.

Safe Shopping Tips for the Holidays    
APERS Facebook    
APERS by the Numbers    
Visiting APERS    
Understanding Service Credit    
Returning to Work After Retiring    
The Importance of a Power of Attorney    
Documents Needed to File for APERS Retirement    
Retirement Planning, Five Helpful Steps    
Understanding Reciprocal Service    
Vesting and Contribution Refunds    
APERS Benefit Options: B-75 and B-50    
APERS Benefit Options: A-120 and A-60    
APERS Benefit Options: Straight Life    
Retirement Planning: To Downsize or Not    
Age and Service Requirements for Retirement    
Defined Benefits Retirement Plans    
The APERS Trust Fund    
Survivor Benefits    
Life Changes and Changing Beneficiaries    
Retirement Doesn't Mean What It Used To    
Contributory Retirement Plan Provisions    
The APERS Partial Annuity Withdrawal    
The APERS Deferred Retirement Option Plan    
Downloadable Forms for Retirees and Survivors    
Questions About Annual Statements    
Disability Retirement    
Early Retirement    
APERS Security Steps Protect You    
APERS Online Benefit Calculator    
APERS Retiree Services Section    
Purchasing Service    
The Road to Retirement, Part 4: Postponing the Exit    
The Road to Retirement, Part 3: Planned Exits    
The Road to Retirement, Part 2: Disability Detour    
The Road to Retirement, Part 1    
Paper Records: Keep or Shred?    
Leave Time & APERS Retirement Seminars    
APERS Online Publications    
What Makes Up APERS?    
APERS Completes a Successful Fiscal Year