Mar 10
PHONE SCAM - APERS has been informed that some of our members are receiving calls from someone claiming to be APERS on what appears to be APERS’ 800-682-7377 number. They are told that they are the recipient of a $100 gift card and need to provide their Social Security number.  This is a PHONE SCAM to get your personal information.  APERS does not give out gift cards or other “prizes” in exchange for your Social Security number.
Feb 24

Newsletters Online - The APERS winter newsletters for active and retired members are available online on the Publications page

Feb 16

Annual DROP interest rate determination – Each February, the APERS board of trustees determines the rate of interest to be credited on contributions to Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) accounts for the upcoming fiscal year. At the February 15 meeting, the board adjusted the rate to 3% effective July 1, 2023. This rate affects current DROP participants who have not exceeded the 10-year participation limit. We mail annual DROP statements in August of each year, and DROP participants can view the current rate on their statement.

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