At retirement, APERS members can choose between five different benefit options, or ways to structure their retirement benefits (not including PAW or DROP). They are Straight Life, A-120, A-60, B-75, and B-50. Learn the features of each at our blog!

To help you choose the benefit option best suited for yourself and your family at retirement, APERS has produced a 3-part series of articles to provide information for your comparison. The articles are found in the blog article list on the right hand side of the page. Alternately, you can click on the images below to learn more about the various retirement benefit options available to APERS members. 


Blog: Straight Life Option



Blog: "A" Series Options



Blog: "B" Series Options


For more information about your retirement benefit options, download the Retirement Benefit Options brochure (PDF) on the Publications page. 

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