If you are receiving benefit payments from APERS and need to change the account where we deposit your money, did you know you can do it yourself with our online member's self-service portal (MSS)?

APERS makes benefit payments to members via direct deposit or electronic funds transfer (EFT). To receive payments from APERS, you must designate one or more bank accounts for APERS to transfer the funds to. The member's portal (MSS) provides a wizard to walk you through the process of setting up or changing your banking information. You can use one account or have your payments split among multiple accounts. For each account, you will need the bank's routing number and your account number.

To access the wizard, from your Home screen click the Change Deductions/EFT link (for instructions on setting up your MSS account, see the link at the bottom of this article)..


eft change 01

From the Change Deductions/EFT page, click the Add/View EFT Info button at the bottom.


eft change 02


This will bring up the EFT Header pop-up window. Click the Add EFT button.


eft change 03


This will bring up the Payment Method Wizard, which will allow you to designate one or more bank accounts to receive your payments. For Part 1 General Information you will need to

  • Enter the start date (the date you wish to begin receiving direct deposit).
  • Enter a description (optional)
  • Indicate whether you want to split payments among multiple bank accounts

If you do not wish to split the payment over more than one account, just leave the box blank. If you check the box, it will generate an additional question asking if you want to split the amount by percentage or by dollar amounts. Otherwise click on Next to continue.


eft change 04a


For Part 2 Payment Method Details, you will need to provide your banking information.

  • Enter your bank's routing number and click on the Verify button. If the routing number is valid, the Bank Name field will be automatically filled in.
  • Add your account number and select the account type (checking or savings) from the pull down menu.
  • Click Next to continue to Step 3. Review and Confirm.


eft change 05


For Step 3 Review and Confirm, you will review the information you entered. If there are any errors or you wish to make a change use the Back button to go to the previous screen. If everything is correct, click on the Confirm button to continue.


eft change 06


You will receive a confirmation that your information has been successfully saved. Click on the OK button to close the message.


eft change 07


Click on the Close button to close the pop-up and return to the Change Deductions/EFT page


eft change 08



Download a PDF copy of this Member's Guide to Changing Your Direct-Deposit Account.

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