Each year, APERS mails tax information to those members who have received a taxable payment from the system in the prior calendar year. The information contained in the Form 1099-R provided to you by APERS should be used in completing your state and federal income tax return.

For calendar year 2020, these forms were mailed in January to each member. These forms are also made available online through our member self-service (MSS) portal.

If you have not received your 1099-R, or have misplaced it, you may request a duplicate 1099-R (the same form we mailed in January).

Please note: For assistance in filing taxes and other tax matters after you receive your tax information, APERS encourages members to seek advice from a tax advisor. APERS is not qualified to provide tax advice to members.

Updates to the Form 1099-R for Calendar Year 2020

There were minor updates made to the standard Form 1099-R for tax year 2020 that were not included on the form that APERS provided to members this year. Specifically, the state and local box numbers on the 1099-R issued by APERS do not correlate with the box numbers on the standard IRS tax form, although the box titles remain the same. As a result, the form you received from APERS should be used by referencing the box titles when filing your taxes.

For your convenience, we have provided the updated box numbers below. If you would like a copy of your 1099-R from APERS with the updated box numbers, please use our contact form to request one.

Below is an explanation of the differences in the box numbers between the 1099-R form that APERS provided and the standard Form 1099-R issued by the IRS. 

Box Titles on Both
of the Forms
Box Numbers on the  
Revised Form
Box Numbers on the
Form Mailed in Jan.
State tax withheld Box 14 Box 12
State/Payer’s state no. Box 15 Box 13
State distribution Box 16 Box 14
Local tax withheld Box 17 Box 15
Name of locality Box 18 Box 16
Local distribution Box 19 Box 17


If you have additional questions, please contact APERS or your tax preparer.

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