Not all APERS members exit their road to retirement at the same point. Some opt to travel to the end of the line and full retirement benefits while others choose earlier exits we'll cover in upcoming blog posts. However, a few members are forced to take an unplanned detour and stop working due to accident, illness, or a similar catastrophe. Fortunately, APERS members who suffer a disabling condition while in service may be eligible for disability retirement.

To qualify for disability benefits from APERS, members must meet the following conditions*:
  • They must have a minimum of five years’ service
  • They must have earned credited service during at least 18 of the 24 months before the disability
  • They must have been ruled eligible for disability benefits by the federal Social Security Administration

Unlike early retirement benefits, disability benefits are not reduced; however, the member’s length of service and final average salary will still determine the size of the annuity. Finally, members receiving disability benefits cannot return to work for an APERS covered employer.

*Note that there is an appeals process for members who do not meet certain qualifications. See your member handbook or call APERS for more information.

(This material appeared in the fall 2013 active newsletter)

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