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You can use this form to email us comments or questions about general topics. Please understand that in response to this form APERS cannot discuss your individual retirement account nor make any changes to it. You can manage your own account as well as send and receive secure messages through the member portal.  See below for information on accessing your account. 

NOTE: Email is not a secure form of communication. For this reason, we cannot resolve login issues or provide APERS ID’s by email. If you need assistance creating or accessing your member account, we are happy to help. Please call us at one of the numbers below.

Ph: (501) 682-7800 (Pulaski County) 
Ph: (800) 682-7377 (toll free)

Current and former APERS members can access their member accounts through the Login: Members link at the top right of every page. If you have not established an account yet, you will need your APERS ID number. You can find your ID on any recent statements or correspondence we've sent you, or you can call us, and we will walk you through the process.

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Arkansas public employees retirement system

Here you will find information based on your role in our system, whether you are an active member, near retirement, a retired member or an APERS participating employer.