Once you get within a year of your intended retirement date, we suggest you take the following steps:

  • Attend one of APERS' retirement seminars.
  • If you have not investigated the possibility of purchasing prior service, contact APERS about this option.
  • Consider how you will handle emergency expenses. Make an effort to eliminate any debt and pay off obligations for large purchases.
  • Contact your medical insurance provider to verify your post-retirement eligibility and rates.
  • Evaluate your life insurance needs and contact your provider for information regarding eligibility and rates.
  • Consult a retirement counselor for an estimate of your potential monthly retirement annuity.
  • Study the benefit option plans available from APERS. You may select Straight Life, Option A-60, Option A-120, Option B-50, or Option B-75.
  • Consider how retirement will affect your taxes.
  • Do a post-retirement budget to determine if you can maintain your standard of living.


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