Annual Payee Statements

Beginning in summer 2021, all APERS retirees and anyone else who receives a monthly benefit from APERS will receive an Annual Payee Statement.  The initial 2021 statements are being mailed around the 1st of July, but in succeeding years they will go out in June.  There is a sample copy of the two-page statement at the bottom of the page.

An Important Record: While this statement does not replace the 1099-R tax form you get from us every year (you still get that in January), it is also an important document. It tells you what benefit option you chose at retirement along with information we have in our records about you, your address, your payments, your withholding, and your beneficiaries so that you can review it and retain it in your records. We recommend you keep these statements with your other important personal documents so you or your family will know where to find them.

Your Information: Going over this document is also a good way to ensure the information we have about you is up to date. If you see something you don't agree with or know to be incorrect, please contact us so we can make corrections.  And always notify us whenever you change your address.

Your Choices: Remember, you made important decisions when you applied for benefits, whether last year or 10 years ago. As time passes, many payees forget or lose track of those decisions. With the Annual Payee Statement, you will have that information and much more to make it easy to keep you and your family informed.

Your Adjusted Payments: You should expect the statement in June of each year, and it will provide you with your upcoming July 1 payment amount including the COLA. If you do not receive a statement or need a replacement copy you can go to our Member Self Service portal (MSS) to download and print one. Note that using the Member Self-Service portal does require setting up an account. If you need help getting a new copy, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

If you would like more information on what makes up the Annual Payee Statement CLICK HERE.

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Sample Annual Payee Statement Page 1


Sample Annual Payee Statement Page 2


 If you would like more information on what makes up the Annual Payee statement CLICK HERE.


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