APERS Board of Trustees

board scheduleThe administration and control of the system is vested in a board called the Board of Trustees of the Arkansas Public Employees’ Retirement System (the Board).  The Board shall consist of nine trustees, as follows: the Auditor of State, the Treasurer of State and the Director of the Department of Finance and Administration shall be ex officio members; and three members who are state employees and three who are nonstate employees to be appointed by the Governor for staggered six-year terms.  The Board appoints an executive director to administer the system and manage its personnel and resources.

APERS Board of Trustees

Ms. Candace Franks, Chair
State Employee Representative
Mr. Gary Carnahan
Municipal Employee Representative
Mr. Larry Walther, Vice Chair
Ex-Officio, Chief Fiscal Officer of State
The Honorable Joe Hurst
Municipal Employee Representative
The Honorable David Hudson
County Employee Representative
The Honorable Andrea Lea 
Ex-Officio, Auditor of State
Mr. Daryl Bassett
State Employee Representative
The Honorable Dennis Milligan
Ex Officio, Treasurer of State
Mr. Dale Douthit
State Employee Representative







APERS Board Rules

The current APERS Board Rules can be found here.

 Board Meeting Schedule* and Materials for 2020

  The minutes from previous years' meetings can be found on the Board Minutes Archive Page. Minutes must be prepared and approved by the Board at a subsequent meeting before being posted.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Until further notice all APERS board meetings will be held over the internet via Zoom.

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings convene at 9:00 a.m.  For information on being an attendee please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date Type Documents Notes
February 19 Quarterly Agenda
April 30 Special Agenda
Board Materials
May 20 Quarterly Agenda
Board Materials
The posted agenda is tentative and may be updated.
August 19

Quarterly Agenda
TBA Educational Seminar  Minutes The Educational Seminar is an all-day session and will be held at the Capitol Hotel. 
November 18 Quarterly







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