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  • 10/18/21 -

    Postal Service Changes Could Slow Mail Delivery  - The United States Postal Service announced changes in its service standards for first-class mail effective October 1, 2021.  These changes could cause slightly longer delivery times for documents and other items APERS mails to members.  We apologize for any inconvenience these delays may cause.  For more information on the changes, you can download the latest USPS service alert on these changes.

  • 08/11/21 -

    Member Newsletters  - the Summer 2021 editions of our newsletters for active and retired members are available on our Publications page.

  • 06/25/21 -

    Annual Payee Statements for Retirees Coming  - in early July of 2021, APERS will mail Annual Payee Statements to everyone receiving a monthly benefit from us.  Similar to the Annual Statements we send active members, these Payee Statements will document the information we have on file for retirees and other payees, including their names and addresses, marital status, beneficiaries, payment amounts, payments to date, changes for the upcoming fiscal year, tax withholding, and more.  Use this important document to update your own records and to check for inaccuracies in our records.  For more information visit our Annual Payee Statement page.

  • 05/07/21 -

    Member Newsletters  - the Spring 2021 edition of our newsletter for active members is available on our Publications page. We did not publish a retiree edition this Spring.


Is your agency or organization interested in joining the Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System? To help employers decide if it is the right choice for them, APERS has put together the following overview.

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